Poem For Friend

Friends are an inseparable part of your life. Every Christmas becomes
even more enjoyable because you get to share it with your dearest
friends. This year, show them how much they mean to you by dedicating
Christmas poems for your friends. Cherish their friendship by writing a
Christmas poem for them. Recite it when they come to wish you and see
the sparkle of happiness in their eyes this Christmas!

Snowman – My Friend

The Snowman is my friend!

I call him Mr. Frosty-Face!

He brings us so much fun,

With black coal eyes, and carrot nose,

With a smile for everyone!

If we play Ring-a-Roses,

Then all our friends join in!

But, when the game is "Statues",

He always knows he’ll win!

When I talk, I know he’ll listen

to every word I say.

I can shout, or knock his hat off,

And he’ll never run away!

But, when the weather’s warmer,

Then Frosty-Face must go

Until the next time that he comes

With winter’s ice and snow.

My Friends, My Angels

I believe in angels

Those helpers who are near

Exactly when they’re needed most,

Then seem to disappear.

I know them when I see them

Whatever their disguise

They’re patient and encouraging

Resourceful, kind, and wise

Yes, I believe in angels

The kind that heaven sends

And I’m surrounded every day

By angels I call friends.

God gave me someone special

When He gave me

A special friend like you

Have a Blessed Christmas!

Knowing You…

Christmas season fills our hearts with joy;

Bright, happy days bring special kinds of pleasure.

We’re wrapped in the excitement of it all,

The sights, the sounds, the smells and the tastes we treasure.

Yet when we have some quiet time to think

About our finest blessings all year through,

We focus on our Friends,

And appreciate the gift of knowing you!

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