Christmas Decoration Reception

The wedding reception celebration is held in the honor of the newly wed
couple where friends and family get together to wish them a happy and
long married life. It includes many of the wedding festivities and
Christmas wedding reception can be made memorable with fresh floral
decorations. Since Christmas is already known for its finery and
festivity, tap this holiday mood to enhance your wedding reception
beauty. Much of the decoration load decreases automatically because
places are decked with adornments and ornamentations already. If you
want to be economical, you can plan on doing decorations yourself, using
the following trips and tricks:

  • You can use fake snow as the wedding theme and use it as backdrop
    and some of it on table centerpieces, Christmas candles and greenery

  • Christmas-time wedding reception is easier as holiday decorations
    are cheaper and readily available and most churches and reception
    halls are already decorated for yuletide.

  • You can use pots of red and white poinsettias and fresh greens
    for reception room ornamentation. You can even ornament pillars,
    balconies and railings with greens and small white holiday lights
    and candles with flowers as table centerpieces.

  • You can make a trimmed sparkling Christmas tree, the focal point
    of the reception hall for Christmas wedding.

  • For Christmas wedding receptions, you can use festive red or
    forest green tablecloths and softly glowing candles with tiny
    wreaths underneath as the centerpieces.

  • Beautiful baskets containing candied or artificial fruits, gold
    or silver painted pinecones and Christmas ornaments can also make a
    fitting Christmas wedding reception centerpiece.

  • Do not forget to hang mistletoe profusely in your reception room
    and one just atop the bride and groom’s table to make the kiss

  • Wedding presents can be kept under the Christmas tree instead of
    the table and Christmas ornaments and candy canes can find their way
    on Christmas gift wrappers meant for the couples.

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